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Serviced Apartments in Milton Keynes

serviced apartmentsLet's face it; everybody wants to stay somewhere luxurious when they go away for a short break to relax or even just for a business meeting. The only problem with this is that it can sometimes be extremely expensive, but thanks to serviced apartments you won't need to spend a fortune to be able to stay somewhere that has exactly what you want! If you stay in a serviced apartment in Milton Keynes you'll get the best of both worlds. You'll get the convenience of a hotel while feeling just as comfortable as you'd feel if you were in your very own home.

In Milton Keynes there are plenty of serviced apartments to choose from so you shouldn't have any problem finding the right apartment for you. All of these apartments come fully furnished with just about everything that you'll need while you're away from home, including a kitchen, living area and so on. Most of the time people stay in serviced apartments in Milton Keynes for a relatively short period of time such as a week, but you can obviously rent out the apartment for long if you're planning on staying for a longer amount of time.

By using our website, you'll be able to find a wide range of serviced apartments which are located in Milton Keynes. Milton Keynes is a large town in Buckinghamshire which is just less than 100 km away from London. The town itself is quite large (nearly 90 km2) and has a lot to do in it such as shopping, visiting art galleries or even visiting the local football stadium of Milton Keynes Dons (MK Dons). No matter what type of serviced apartment that you're looking for, we've got you covered. We've listed serviced apartments in Milton Keynes of all sizes, prices and styles so that you can find exactly what you want within a matter of minutes. Not only this, but you can also get the latest offers available (by clicking on 'Latest Offers' in the navigation bar) or just see what things you can do by checking out the 'Things to Do' page.

Here are just some of the serviced apartments that you can stay in while you're in Milton Keynes:

Vizion Apartments

These apartments are one of the best serviced apartments that are in Milton Keynes. They are only around 10 minutes away from the shopping centre (when walking, not driving!) so you'll never have to drive anywhere as long as you're staying in or around this area. However, there is a bus and train station that is also a 10 minute walk away so even if you did want to travel to somewhere else you'd be able to easily enough. In the apartment, you'll have your own television which comes with Sky (and Sky Sports) as well as getting free access to the internet.

Avebury Apartments

Avebury apartments are also popular for people that are looking for serviced apartments in Milton Keynes. They are a little but further away from the bus and train station compared to the one above (25 minute walk) but the Avebury apartments are only a couple of minutes away from the Milton Keynes theatre. Once again, you'll have a Sky package with Sky Sports, but you'll also be able to watch Sky Movies this time which is a bonus for any movie lovers. If you're worried about where to park your car while you're in Milton Keynes then you won't have to worry about it if you stay here since you'll be able to park your car in the secure underground car park. One of the things that make this serviced apartment stand out from all of the others is that they have under floor heating throughout the entire apartment.

Lea Meadows Apartments

If you want a bit of a peaceful break then you might want to think about staying in these serviced apartments. The Lea Meadows apartments are located in one of the quietest parts of Milton Keynes while not being too far away from the town. The inside of these apartments are really stylish, you'll find it hard to find any serviced apartments around Milton Keynes that are as nice as these. These apartments have two double bedrooms as well as two bathrooms, all of which are bright and spacious so you'll be able to sit back and relax while staying in the Lea Meadows apartments.

Row Apartments

Row apartments is another option that you'll have if you're thinking about staying in a serviced apartment in Milton Keynes. Located right in the centre of the town, you'll be able to get to just about anywhere that you want with ease. Each and every one of the apartments have two double bedrooms, a dining area, a bathroom and of course a kitchen with all the things that you could need. You'll also get free internet access while staying in the Row apartments as well as a maid service on a weekly basis.

As you can see, there are a number of serviced apartments that you'll be able to choose from in Milton Keynes. There are also a lot more of these apartments on our site so why not take a look around and look for the best serviced apartment that suits you?